Company Profile

Company name

NHK Global Media Services, Inc.


9-2 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN. 150-0047
TEL +81-3-3481-1191
FAX +81-3-3481-1195

Date of establishment

1 April 2009 from the amalgamation of NHK Joho Network, Inc. (est. Sept. 1989) and Japan Teletex Co. Ltd. (est. Nov. 1985)


¥435 million

President & CEO

Kenichi Ishida

No. of employees

391 (as of March 31,2017)

Annual turnover

¥22.7 billion (2016)

Business Activities

  1. Development, planning, production, purchase, and distribution of news, sports, and information programs on behalf of NHK.
  2. Gathering of news and information on behalf of NHK, exchange of news and information with organizations outside NHK.
  3. Production of screen captions and datacasts on behalf of NHK.
  4. Relays, gathering and distribution of images via satellite and other networks; translation/simultaneous interpreting; development, surveys, planning and provision of related services.
  5. Development, planning, production, purchase of news, sports, and information programs; planning and running of program-related events.
  6. Development, planning, and production of video, audio, and text for sales and distribution via the Internet, mobile phones, and other media.
  7. Surveys, research, and consulting on harnessing information and the media.
  8. Acquisition, management, and sales of copyright involving the abovementioned services.
  9. Telecommunications for NHK and other entities.
  10. All other necessary tasks associated with the abovementioned activities.


NHK Enterprises,Inc.
NHK Publishing Co., Ltd.
NHK Media Technology, Inc.
NHK Art Inc.
NHK Educational Corporation
NHK Culture Center
NHK Integrated Technology, Inc.

Main banks

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Major investors

NHK Enterprises, Inc.
NHK Educational Corporation
NHK Media Technology, Inc.
Japan International Broadcasting, Inc.
NHK Plannet, Inc.
NHK Promotions
NHK Art Inc.
NHK Business Create
NHK Culture Center
NHK Publishing Co., Ltd.
NHK Cosmomedia America, Inc.
NHK Cosmomedia (Europe) Limited