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NHK Global Media Services, Inc.

ABOUT NHK Global Media Services

NHK Global Media Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Japan’s public broadcaster NHK that offers a whole range of media-related services. It was established on 1 April 2009 from the amalgamation of NHK Joho Network, Inc. and Japan Teletext Co. Ltd.


News & Programs

NHK Global Media Services assist in the production of news and programs for the NHK domestic and international TV channels, as well as the production of online news. We are involved in all of the different stages, including planning, gathering of footage, editing, production, and transmission.


NHK Global Media Services play a key role in NHK’s sports coverage by producing sports programs and telecasting live programs for domestic and international sports events (Japanese professional baseball and US major league baseball, Grand Sumo tournaments, football matches in the J League and overseas leagues, and much more). We also produce digital content and negotiate broadcasting rights for sports coverage.


We produce datacasts for all types of sports programs, as well as the datacasts (providing news and information relating to disaster awareness and the local community) which are aired by NHK stations in the Tokyo area and the surrounding Kanto and Koshin-etsu regions.

Closed Captioning

Closed captions are produced for news and other programs relying on live telecasts. We have thirty years of experience in making NHK’s TV broadcasts more viewer-friendly.

Satellite Feeds

We assist NHK’s international news and international sports coverage by providing news footage and relays via a range of platforms, including satellite and the Internet.


Provision of NHK News Programs

NHK news and other content are provided for in-flight videos, digital signage, large outdoor screens, and mobile devices in cars and trains.

Closed Captions & Text

NHK Global Media Services can provide closed captions for television, the Internet and other platforms, drawing on thirty years of experience.

Bilingual Center / International Training Institute

Bilingual Center provides advanced and highly regarded interpreting and translation services for broadcasting and other fields. The International Training Institute trains professional Japanese-English/English-Japanese interpreters and translators for broadcasting, international conferences and other assignments.

Sports-related Services

We provide a broad range of sports-related services, including the production of programs and content relating to both professional and amateur sports for television other media platforms, acquisition and management of broadcasting and licensing rights, and provision of international images of Japanese sports events to overseas broadcasters.

Production of Visual Content / Organizing Events & Symposia

We can meet a whole range of program production requirements, including animation and ultra high-definition. We have an experienced team of specialists in planning, filming and editing, who have access to the largest visual archives in Japan (containing 60,000 hours of material) and 4K and 8K cameras and other state-of-the-art hardware.